Terms and Conditions

Accommodation & Site Requests

We make every effort to fulfil guest’s requests. However, at times we are unable to honor specific wishes due to previous bookings, extensions on existing reservations or maintenance requirements.

One Car One Site

Each site is designed to accommodate one car. During mid and high seasons we have a one car one site policy to ensure the sites are not overcrowded and drivers have good visibility especially when children are riding bikes in the park. Guests who arrive with an extra car will be charged at a rate nightly rate of a unpowered site for the duration of their stay.

Dog Policy

Ron and Sue love dogs.  They know how important they become in our lives because they have always had a dog.  Ron and Sue want everyone staying at the Dongara Tourist Park to have a memorable and enjoyable stay with or without a pet.  Ron and Sue hate rules but sometimes we need them. Please read the dog policy carefully. Your co-operation and support is appreciated


Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when in the park.
No dogs are to be left alone at any time.
Your dog’s droppings MUST be picked up immediately; as such you MUST have doggy pooh bags with you when taking your dog for a walk.
Dogs are not allowed in any buildings or in the BBQ area.
Dogs cannot be washed in the bathroom or kitchen of the cabin
Dogs cannot be taken into the bedrooms of the cabin
Dogs are not allowed on any cabin furniture

50.00 DOG DEPOSIT when you are staying on a site is payable upon arrival into the park and is refundable upon departure if the dog rules are adhered to. $250.00 DOG DEPOSIT when you are staying in a dog friendly cabin.

If any of the above rules are not followed the dog bond will be forfeited. There will be NO warnings.
Guests agree to take full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by their dog whilst in the confines of Dongara Tourist Park and agree to pay for any claim of compensation in relation to my dogs activities.

Minimum Booking Periods

Minimum booking periods apply for Easter, Christmas and Long Weekends and during special events:

Easter has a minimum of 4 nights.
Christmas has a minimum of 3 or 4 nights.
Long Weekends 3 nights.
Other Special Events minimum of 2 nights and possibly more depending on the event.